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May 19th, 2007

Greek Festival, Norfolk, VA


We attended Norfolk, Greek Orthodox Church annual Greek Festival on May 18th, 2008.  It was a short visit.  There wasn't much there.  A giant tent for food/eating area and a couple tables outside selling T-shirts/Jewelry.  Inside, a room for vendors mostly selling Jewelry and baked goods.  There was one man selling paintings but he was too high pressure.  I felt guilty walking away but I am certainly uncomfortable buying from someone who follows you and tries to sell you everything there!  I imagine he'd be calling you at home and trying to get you to buy more!  He did have a few nice paintings though... but I could find equal ones on Ebay for the same price or less.  We walked around the area to see if we were missing something but nothing else was there.  I expected to see things like leather goods, Greek pottery, perhaps clothing or handmade crafts from Greece, but nothing like that.  Admission was free. Prices on the jewelry etc were average to expensive for what it was.  Food was plentiful though, smelled good and a fairly priced for most of it.  Most expensive thing was a complete dinner for 11.00.  But when you consider no tipping or taxes, then it wasn't that much.  I hope next year to go there just for lunch.  I'll try to take at least two or three photos.  Supposedly, they had singers and dancers in costume, but not when I was there.  There is nothing else to see or do.  There is nothing special to worry about here except parking.  Parking is limited and it's difficult to park on the street as it's parallel and one way parking in front of homes etc; which may not always be permitted. It's advised you go early to get a space at the nearby church or on a side street and walk your way there.  Other than that, the only thing you need is money and an empty stomache.  Parking free.


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