Driver Fall Festival

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October 25th, 2003

 Driver Village Fall Festival Driver, VA


This event is free and thus ticket-less. They had a program though (above). It's a super small town (one two streets! Blink and you'll miss it) streets but was struck that they were a close bunch, all seemingly knowing each other.  They had a nice fruit stand, a little general store and an antique shop (small).  There was also a barn that had some artwork (steel/pottery) and three or four food vendors set up trucks.  They had a parade (like 10 things locally in it like the fire truck, a Ghostbusters vehicle, Dukes of Hazzard car and a couple local politicians).  Lasted like 10 minutes total.  A few people set up yard sales and there was a small civil war camp set up.  Some motorcycle and car enthusiasts set up so you could look at their vehicles. Only costs for this event is what you bought to eat or take as a souvenir.  Apparently, Ben Jones lived here as a child, so they asked him to come back.  The locals were having fun reminiscing about when he was a kid.  Scott and I found him and his wife to be very charming, very nice and down to earth and Ben signed anything you wanted free (but he was the only one with photos and toys to sign).  I enjoyed meeting him and right now, he's my favorite in person celeb as far as kindness and attitude!  Click HERE to go to Ben's website. 


From left to right: Ben Jones in one of the original "General Lee" cars, Inside the car again, Ben talking to the locals, Ben signing my items, Signing again, and nice shot of him and I (yeah, yeah, I need to lose a TON of weight I know).



From left to right: Crimebusters vehicle (cute), civil war tent, couple confederate soldiers, some military Mash vehicles, some more military vehicles, motorcycles on display and car similar to the Sheriff's car in Dukes of Hazzard.



From left to right:  Another Civil War tent, camp, another tent, first street and second street. 

Signed photo and car; to see the signatures added to these items, look for James Best and for another Dukes autograph, see (for other autograph) on my other site:


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