daffodil Festival

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No Ticket or Pamphlet


March 28th, 2009

Daffodil Festival, Gloucester, VA


This event is free and thus ticket-less. It is a free event where there are food booths, souvenir/craft booths, and a kids area with jumping blow up things and a couple carnival booths to win prizes.  I also saw a petting zoo area and there was a band playing and some people dressed up in Sonic Hamburger costumes etc.  We didn't buy anything but had an ice cream/fries and a drink.  The grandbaby had fun dancing with the Sonic puppet guys and petting the llama and the dogs people had all over the place... we did pay for parking in a church parking lot for 3.00 but the parking can be free if you can arrive early enough to find street parking.  Drinks were 1.00 a can which was reasonable and 2.50 for a small ice cream which was also ok but 6.50 for cheese fries was a bit hefty in price.  I can only tell you to bring water if you want to and good walking shoes and a camera, as there are a couple old buildings from the 1700's there and a couple statues/monuments to take photos of.  Other than that, there wasn't much there; it was a quick trip there and back (oh, there is a toll on the way so be wary of that).  I think the toll was 2.00.  There was an ATM and a booth for first aid. I think the was an info booth and also some porta potties.   


From Left to Right: 1) Kids blow up jumping area 2) Food area 3) some of the crowds 4) local artisan tents 5) Dancing sonic shake etc.


From Left to Right: 1) Clayton Bldg (court clerk lived here in 1770's) 2) Merchandise tents/civil war monument 3) Sign for the Gloucester historical Courthouse which I forgot to take a photo of 4) The band singing (don't know who they were) 5) James Daniel Garner Medal of Honor Winner memorial


From Left to Right: 1) Confederate Civil War Memorial 2) Pocahontas Statue  



Gloucester Museum of History

Gloucester Courthouse Circle: Courthouse, Clayton Bldg, Roane Bldg, Colonial Jail, Debtors Prison,  Botetourt Lodge,  Confederate Monument

James Daniel Garner Marker/Memorial


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