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September 4th, 2004

American Music Fest Virginia Beach, VA


We didn't try to get sigs... Hopefully I'll be able to add them to my autograph collection one day.... this was a ticket-less event.  It was a free concert for the American Music Fest. This was expected to be a smaller concert on a smaller stage, but it was JAMMED packed there.  In the photos, we couldn't get the whole band as we were too far away. The music was OK, but their age is showing a bit.






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September 8th, 2007

Hampton Bay Days, Hampton, VA


No ticket or pamphlet


We went to Hampton Bay Days and saw Grand Funk Railroad and War. I wasn't so sure about War.  I only thought I knew two songs, but they were good, and the lead singer/keyboard player was entertaining.  In addition, turns out I knew about 5 of their songs!  I'd seen them in concert briefly (half a concert) in 2004 so was glad to see them again and have the opportunity to get better photos.  There were other bands: Grand Funk Railroad, Cameo, Sammy Kershaw were the most known bands but local bands like Rich Whiskey Audition, Fine Swiss Cheese, The Fuzz Band, Janet Martin Band, Gator Almond & The Spice of Life, Legacy, Robbin Thompson, Latin Jazz Conspiracy, 10 Spot, Slapwater, Heather Edwards Band, Virginia Coalition, Come in Tokyo, Emerald Storm, Tunji Band, Matt Thomas, Vaughn & Suzy, Don Butcher, Warren Seaburg, Don Gill, Snuff. Heather Edwards Band, Lisa Marie & Sweet Daddy, Majestics, Island Boy, Black Pearl, Tuesday Night Choir, Crimson Velvet, Johnny Bland, Joe Maniscalco, Brad Street and Julie Clark.  We walked the streets; saw the vendors like food including seafood, cheese steaks, funnel cakes, candy apples, cotton candy, roasted peanuts, pizza, hot doges, hamburgers, sausage, and other typical fare.  The other vendors were mostly selling jewelry, sea art, soap, candles, tattoos, and T-shirts.  The street shops are open and they put stuff outside.  The shops are small; little antique/shabby chic or booksellers, little bars, and other offices.  Some tents were set up for the military, people trying to sell you insurance or phone/cable service.  There was a small carnival with some rides and some places to win stuffed animals.  Several concert stages and lots of people watching.  We forgot to leave early to go to the free Hampton History Museum.  I didn't see where that was anyway.  It's close to the Hampton Carousel, the Virginia Air and Space Center and St. John's historical church.  There are a lot of little churches around there too.  Parking is free or up to 5.00 depending if you go into someone's independent lot; but mostly you can park on the street.  It's a walk though so bring god walking shoes.  Bring lots of cash, sunscreen/sunglasses, water and chairs for the concerts. We did not stay and try to get autographs.  We missed Cameo; it was getting late and we wanted to get a candy apple (for me) on the way out and an ice cream for Scott.  So we left.  Not sure I seen them sign anyway.



 Left to Right: 1) Drummer Sal Rodriguez 2) Crowd 3) Sax Fernando Harkless  4) Stage 5) Bass Francisco "Poncho" Tomaselli



 Left to Right: 1) Original member Keyboardist Lonnie Jordan 2) Unknown Harmonica Player 3) Percussion Marco Reyes 4) War the Band 5) Stewart Ziff


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