Rick Springfield

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July 19th, 2008

Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA


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We saw Rick Springfield July 19th, 2008 at Busch Gardens.  Admission to the concert was free with admission (daily pass, season pass or resident pass).  You sit on the grass (or in this case stand, get crushed and elbowed).  This year, they didn't do 4 shows.  They did 2; one show happened on Saturday and Sunday.  That may be why it was insanely crowded.  I had been to Busch Gardens concerts before, but have never seen anything like this... people screaming, throwing gifts, flowers etc. and girls going nuts.  I've seen bigger acts and not as much craziness as this. I guess he was a rock idol in the -80's and most of the women in the state they were were in their 30's so were youngsters when he was in his prime.  I guess it would be equal to me and David Cassidy from the 70's.  It was HOT, humid, and the concert will be memorable.  Several things happened.  He crushes the roses which I guess is a trademark.  He interacts with the audience, brought a little girl on stage to sing, and at one point, he was at the edge of the stage and bent down... to his horror, a fan pulled him off stage and he was in the audience for a LONG time, unable to get out.  But he entertained, by having women hold him up by his butt and then calling one of the woman's husbands on the cell phone.  It was quite hilarious.  He stretched songs way too long but what was memorable to me were the INSANE fans trying to stampede at one point.  I had to elbow a girl who was trying to crush me to get closer when Rick was close to where we were in the audience.  He looks good for his age, but his talent is ok, but not on the level of totally seasoned vets.  Just my opinion, don't take it personal!  He was OK (didn't suck) but he's no Bon Jovi, Jimmy Page or Paul McCartney.  A big thanks to my hubby for trying to protect me from being trampled to death.  Oh, no chance for an autograph.  They shooed us off when the park was closing. For these concerts bring towel to sit on, bug spray (bees were out in force and stung a little girl near me and mosquitoes and gnats etc), sunscreen (there is no shade), plenty of money for water because they do NOT have water fountains nearby.  Go potty before going there as there are no restrooms close by.  This years guests are Rick Springfield, Grand Funk Railroad,  Charlie Daniels, the Guess Who and Peter Frampton.




From left to right: 1) The crowd started nice like this 2) then turned to this and when it got dark even WORSE 3) Whole Band 4) Drummer and Guitarist (have no idea who they are) 5) He brought a little girl up on stage  6) Shirtless at the end of the concert (encore).



From left to right: 1) Just at the point where they are starting to pull him off stage 2) Rick's in the crowd 3) Rick close up 4) Rick and guitarist closer view 5) Rick close up



Busch Gardens

Williamsburg, VA

Rick Springfield

Grand Funk Railroad

Charlie Daniels

Guess Who

Peter Frampton


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