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Summer 1979

Providence, RI Dunkin' Donuts Center (was Providence Civic Center) Unknown guests


I (Sue only) saw Peter for the first time in 1978 or 1979 in Providence, RI.  I was a HUGE fan with posters on the wall etc. I played his Comes Alive Album till it was worn.  I also had an 8 Track... I still have the Albums I collected.  I didn't save my ticket, or take photos or get an autograph. I was WAY back with thousands of people there, but I had a ball anyway with my friends who were also loving him.  I don't remember the group who played before he came on.



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June 27th, 2001

Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre , Virginia Beach, VA, with Journey and John Waite



We didn't take photos here, but did get an autograph!  He was fantastic as when I saw him the first time.  He played with Journey and they really were GREAT. 



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June 27th, 2004

  Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre   Virginia Beach, VA with STYX and Nelson.




Autographs I obtained in person before the concert...the second one is a CD cover also signed by John Regan, bass player and all around nice guy.


Frampton with James Young from Styx, Peter with Nelson, a blurry photo of Peter, a group shot of Peter with Nelson and Styx and yet another group shot.


Peter at a signing at Borders Books June 27th, 2004: That's him in red and the smiley guy to his right and our left is John Regan, Frampton's talented bass player.


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August 16th, 2008

Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA


We went to Busch Gardens August 16th to see Peter Frampton and if I had only one complaint (besides the crowd and the heat) it'd be that they didn't seem happy to be there. I think John Regan semi-smiled one time, I never saw Adam Lester smile and I think the Keyboardist, Rob Arthur smiled once or maybe twice.  Peter did and was chatty, but not as much as in times past at concerts we've been to.  So I wonder what happened this day that they all looked so miserable. I picked out the most smiley pictures I could to post and they still look pretty miserable eh?  The first concert I ever went to as a teen during the hey day (when Peter had long curly blonde locks) I didn't get anything at all from the concert by way of memento so I was dying to get something one day.  The next concert took place 22 years later and I managed to get a signed photo and save my ticket stub, but didn't get photos so I was not going to give up.  Next concert, was three years later and I got to meet him in person, get a signed photo and CD and meet John that time too.  But my photos from the concert were crap and I really had two more photos I wanted him to we went again now and got great photos and caught a pick (rare I heard to get one of these as he doesn't throw these particular ones out much; he uses a generic one with his sig on it).  Alas I hope one day to get my last two photos signed from Sgt Peppers, so I can put a rest to the Peter Frampton dream.  He was my favorite since I was a teen and his music is great; I personally consider him one of the best rock guitarists ever.   Oh, we didn't get the drummer's photo.  It probably doesn't matter anyway, as the drummer this time was a fill-in from Williamsburg.  Apparently, the regular drummer is sick, had commitments, is on vacation or something worse.  Who knows.  Anyway, we tried for a photo but we were too low and he too high and far in the back and the symbols of the drum set obscured the view.  He came out at the end, but that last photo came out blurred... and I don't know his name... so sorry, no drummer photo.


Left to Right: 1) Rob Arthur (Keyboards/Guitar), 2) Rob Arthur again 3) John Regan and Peter Frampton 4) John Regan (Bass) 5) John Regan again


Left to Right 1) Adam Lester (Guitar) 2) Adam Lester again 3) Peter Frampton, Adam Lester and Rob Arthur 4) Peter Frampton 5) Peter Frampton


Left to Right: 1) Guitar Pick (Peter Frampton's)



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John Waite

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John Regan

Adam Lester


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