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August 13th, 2004

Oceana Naval Air Station  Norfolk, VA


This was a ticket-less event, a free concert for the Military. The band was excellent.  The band before was local and not to my personal tastes (nor the music that the 2WD radio station played). I mean WHY would you play all Hispanic music (even sung in Spanish) to a 90% white rock and roll/country crowd?   If there were three people in that crowd that could speak Spanish, I'd be surprised).  The other music played was early (from 1940's) folk Jazz I believe.  I remember some song about being a chicken and diggin' up worms and scratching hay and laying eggs. No offense; happy to hear it in the right time and place with the right company, but not before a a ROCK concert!  Now, Huey was worth it though.  After the concert; I briefly got to meet Stef Burns, Huey's guitarist and Huey himself!  They were both sweethearts and very kind; signed my hat and I was thrilled!   Stef is in the last photo on the top and Huey is seen in most of the other photos; sorry, don't know the others that well. See signed hat here; my hat is below also:


Huey Lewis and Stef Burns signed hat.




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June 1st, 2007

Virginia Beach, VA


This was a ticket-less event, a free concert for the Military at an event called Patriotic Festival. As some bands, they sound aged, but Huey sounded pretty good.  The event lasted three days but we didn't go to the other concerts which were: Sugar Ray on June 2nd and Gretchen Wilson on June 3rd.  It rained those days, so we decided we didn't want to drive in the rain. That's the second time we missed Sugar Ray. The Patriotic Festival was sponsored by the U. S. O. and several civilian sponsors and so was free to the public.  You can bring lawn chairs, but no coolers.  Photos of the concert below

From left to right: Huey and the Brass section 2) A capela signing 3) The whole Band 4) Sean Hopper (Keyboards) 5) I think this is Rob Sudduth on the left and I am not sure on the right 6) Possibly Chris Hayes (Guitar) and Drummer Bill Gibson 7) John Pierce I think on bass. If anyone can identify these members, please let me know; email me at

From left to right: 1) the crowd on the beach 2) Huey playing Harmonica and the Brass section - John Colla to the left of Huey playing sax 3) Huey's bus 4) Huey and the Band - John Pierce on Bass 5) Huey looking directly at me taking a photo of him




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