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May 9th, 2003

Richmond Coliseum Richmond, VA


The Eagles Farewell tour included all the original band members.  We were not able to take photos (they checked our bags etc) and we did not obtain any sigs, though I did spy the buses.  We ordered fan club to get presale tickets (before general population) and were not given the best seats like I hoped... apparently, a lot of other people had the same idea.  $60 to the fan club (no longer in existence as of 2005) allows  you this opportunity.  Tickets were 125.00 each.  There is a Ticketmaster convenience charge of 19.75 each ticket (I think the fee is based on price, because convenience charge before on other tickets was NOT that much).  Also, the Richmond Coliseum adds a 2.00 per ticket "building charge".  So beware of that when you are buying tickets for that venue! Over 350 to see this band, plus hotel, food and travel expenses!  Our most expensive concert to date. 


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