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Chicago, IL


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I never saw the Cheap Trick concert, but Scott did back in the 70's. Of the ones he saw without me, this is probably the second most wanted I would have liked to have been to!  Why he didn't take photos or save his stub, I'll never know.



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August 12th, 2008

Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre  Virginia Beach, VA


We attended this August 12th, 2008 in VA Beach (been there lots of times).  It was a good concert.  They played with Heart and Journey (in this order).  I was intrigued with the first outfit that the lead singer Robin Zander came out in (very sexy; sort of like a golfer or something with the hat and his hair pulled back, he was very mysterious looking).  They sang their main hits from the famous Live at Buda Kahn album which went over well.  Rick has a funky guitar collection and came out with a multi-handled guitar, one shaped like a cartoon guy, and several others.  Very interesting watching him jumping around (he's no spring chicken anymore).



Left to Right:  1) Tom Peterson Bass Player 2) Robin Zander Lead Singer/Guitar 3) Bun E Carlos Drummer 4) Rick Nielsen Lead Guitar/Vocals 5) Rick Nielsen and Robin Zander 6) Tom Peterson, Rick Nielsen and Bun E Carlos


Left to Right:  1) Cheap Trick Pick





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