Charlie Daniels Band

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September 10th, 2006

Charlie Daniels Band Hampton, VA


No ticket or pamphlet


We went to Hampton Bay Days and the big draw was the Charlie Daniels Band. They went overtime about 10 minutes.  We got there about a half hour after the concert started, so we were unable to get close.  We heard this day he signed autographs about an hour beforehand which was cool, but of course we missed that.  Too bad.  We took my eldest son Jason and his girlfriend Missy. Other groups who performed were: Delbert McClinton, Morris Day and the Time, Dani McClullough, Buddy Parker, All That, Blues Impact, Honor by August, Gator Almond, Suzy-Ray Vaughn, Fins, Special Ed and the Short Bus, Jack's House, Forte, Jon Bibbs, Second Chance, Shane Hines, Emerald Storm, Trevor Hall, Rainmarket, Agents of Good Roots, Bookjack Hollow, B3 Fusion, Sweet Papa and the Too Hot Blues Crew, The Majestic, Walt Redmond, Matt Thomas, Vaughn and Suzy, Hollie and the Speed Bumps, Don Butcher, Warren Seeburg, Don Gill, Snuff, Brad Street and Wishing Tree



 Left to Right: Various band photos the second and fourth photos are of the band without Charlie


Left to Right: The Charlie Daniels Band; the last two photos give you an ides of the crowd.  The last photo was in the streets, past the stage area, grass area and cement area!


Above: Charlie Daniels Autograph (he signed one of the photos I took)


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