The Beach Boys

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July 7th, 2002

NTelos Pavilion Harbor Center Portsmouth, VA with "X-Rays"



In the photos below, Mike Love is in the White pants and light colored hat; Bruce Johnston is in the blue shorts and dark baseball cap.  Brian Wilson wasn't there.  The concert was excellent and they sounded fantastic.  Mike Love made a lot of jokes about their age etc.  But it was a great show. We didn't get autographs there, but I do have an autograph of Mike Love.



The Beach Boys

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No Ticket or Pamphlet


June 5th, 2011

 Patriotic Festival Virginia Beach, VA

From Left to Right: 1) Front Christian Love (Guitar); Randell Kirsch (Guitar) 2) John Cowsill (Drums) 3) Bruce Johnston (Keyboards) 4) Scott Totten (Guitar) Tim Bonhomie (Keyboard), Mike Love (Vocals/Tambourine), John Cowsill (Drums) 5) Mike Love and Bruce Johnston, the two original members this day.

From Left to Right: 1) Scott Totten and Tim Bonhomie 3) Tim Bonhomie, Scott Totten, some unknown girl who came up on stage  3) Mike Love with some unknown girl 4) John Cowsill and Mike Love 5)  Scott Totten, Tim Bonhomie, Mike Love and John Cowsill.



From Left to Right: 1) The entire band takes a bow



US Navy

US Army

US Air Force

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US Coast Guard

Virginia Beach Patriotic Fesitval

U .S O.

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