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No tickets or Pamphlets


July 4th, 1998

Downtown Super Block Newport News


This was a ticket-less event; a free concert in the park for the Independence Day Holiday.  It was sponsored by the city of Newport News. I didn't take photos, but below is a America signed item. I can't say enough about their music and songwriting; I love it.  I play their Best hits all the time.  I am missing a sig; but I guess he doesn't sign.




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March 2008

Ferguson Center Newport News


1) Jerry and Dewey 2) Jerry and Dewey (aka "America") 3) Inside the venue before the band started and 4) signed CD obtained in person at this event.


We went to see America and Christopher Cross March 27th, 2008 at the Ferguson Center in Newport News on the Christopher Newport University grounds.  We did not catch photos of Christopher Cross.  You were NOT allowed to take photos inside the venue; we could take them after and did get a couple (see above) of Jerry and Dewey (America) after the concert.  In addition, I got them to sign a CD and that was pretty nice of them.  They signed for everyone, took photos, shook hands.  VERY fan friendly and thus, shows how come they still can tour all these years; not only is there music classic but the are class acts!  Chris did not come outside and greet the masses... the concerts by both were very enjoyable.  If attending this venue, realize a couple issues... there is NO food there or allowed inside.  You can carry only bottled water inside.  They do sell wine and beer in the lobby at most events.  The venue, even for rock groups is more dressy.  You will be greeted by ushers in tuxedos or such and the venue is a little bit stuffy.  There is no water fountains inside that I saw.  There are public restrooms.  There is no seating outside except a couple benches, so if you get there too early, you'll be standing so wear comfortable shoes.  Parking is in the garage and is free.  The wait time to get out is not bad at all. Tickets were 42.00 each and you didn't get a hard copy; you printed it off the PC and they scanned it upon arrival.  No cameras or recording allowed at any events there.  The fee for mailing the tickets to you is expensive (20.00 I think) or you can print them for 2.50.  There is NO will call...   Wine and beer prices expensive (3.00 for a bottle of water; small one and 6-8 for beer/win per glass). There is sometimes a small table with merchandise set up to buy T-shirts etc but oftentimes not.




Christopher Cross

Yoder Barn Theatre

American Theatre

Charles H Taylor Center


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