Colin Mocherie and Brad Sherwood

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December 1st, 2007

Chrysler Hall Norfolk, VA



 Colin Mocherie and Brad Sherwood did an improv show at Chrysler Hall and it was pretty funny I must say.  Some of the bits went a little long, but basically what it was, was audience participation and some of the routine games from "Whose Line is it Anyway".  At the end was a very funny bit with live mouse traps (actually is was a little sadistic/masochistic). 

     We weren't allowed cameras (though I did see two photos flashed while there).  We tried to take one with the camera phone and it didn't come out right.

     Normally, I would wait outside this venue for a graph.  But it was bitter cold and I was in heels.  It was nearing 11 pm and we had a long drive back, so I passed on the autograph potential.  Maybe I'll try another way.

      Tickets were about 45.00 each plus fees.  Parking was 4.00 across the street.  Parking is rough there at times because right next door is the Norva (which had an event going on) and across from that the MacArthur Center (Mall) and down the street, another theatre.  So if you go to this event, check the Norva to make sure nothing is happening; if something is, get there at least an hour early for good parking.  Those arriving within 20 minutes were having a difficult time finding space and getting into the theatre on time.  We found space across the way but it was a little walk and we got there only just before the show.

    There is a small stand inside (a couple of them) that sell drinks and pretzels. I didn't see more than that though.  No programs available for this show.  There were bathrooms, water fountains. Handicap accessible. 

  Sorry, no photos.

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