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July 4th, 2008

 Virginia Beach Dolphins, Virginia Beach, VA

We went the Virginia Aquarium on July 4th, 2008 and noticed several dolphins outside and took a photo of each.  Later, as we went to lunch, we saw another in another neighborhood and realized this must be like the Norfolk Mermaids, so I decided to make a page about it and add dolphins as I go. If you know the exact address or what business these are in front of, please let me know. Also if you know the names... I would like to be more complete as I go.

Left to right: 1) "Virginia Tech Remembers" Dolphin  2) "The Power of Giving" Grey Dolphin  3) Green Dolphin  4) "Katrina" Dolphin  5) City of VA Beach Dolphin  All five of these dolphins are located at the Virginia Aquarium.


Left to right: 1) "Sherwood" Dolphin AND Zebra Dolphin 2) Yellow Dolphin ( First photo with two dolphins are located at Virginia Aquarium)  3) Sunset Dolphin (Marjac hotel) on the beach Near 22nd Street 4) One of a couple dolphins inside the VA Beach Convention Center 5) A loaner dolphin loaned to the VA Beach Homearama for one of the homes. This looks like the one that was at the VA Aquarium. There may be more than one "realistic" painted dolphins. I don't know.


Left to right: 1) Near 5th Street in front of Hotel NEW 2) Dolphin Run Condo Hotel Dolphin NEW 3) CITGO Great Neck Dolphin NEW 4) This was in front of Siebert Realty NEW 5) "Otis" Atlantic Avenue on a rooftop NEW


Left to right: 1) This was near a realty company property NEW 2) "Live Strong" dolphin near the sponsored by Seibert's company NEW 3) "Sparkle" Another one from Seibert realty company NEW 4) this one was spotted on a median 5) "Pure Life" another realty company dolphin NEW


Left to right: 1) This was in front of a residence on the Oceanfront NEW 2) this was near a residence NEW 3) "Beach Bums" near Sandbridge Lifeguard Station NEW 4) "Surf Dancer" is in front of a private residence NEW 5) Unknown silver dolphin outside a private residence NEW


Left to right: 1) Unknown Mosaic Dolphin at private residence NEW 2) Another Unknown named dolphin at another residence NEW 3) "Glory" a Remax sponsored dolphin NEW 4) An Albino dolphin at a residence NEW 5) another grey dolphin; this could be the Homearama dolphin that was borrowed from its real home but I am not sure NEW.


Left to right: 1) "Noblemen" Va Aquarium NEW 2) Flag dolphin VA Aquarium NEW 3) A mosaic dolphin near Sandbridge Pier  sponsored by Siebert Realty NEW 4) Another mosaic dolphin Sandbridge pier near the Fire Station corner NEW 5) "Out of the Blue" Also at the Fire Station corner in Sandbridge NEW



Left to right: 1) Also at the Fire Station in Sandbridge NEW  2) Unknown in front of a residence NEW


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