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July, 2007

Norfolk, VA


     The mermaids were and art project to beautify the city and to help boost tourism and attract people to certain places in the city.  There are an unknown amount of mermaids, but I am guessing well over a hundred. The mystery behind them is what guides me to find them.  I want a definitive end and to find them but I wonder if they are replaced?  Repainted?  Moved?  Are more made periodically?  Are any retired?  I'll keep posting them as I find them.  So come back often to look.  If you can send me the names of these, can direct me to more or answer any of the questions above, please feel free to email!  Thanks


From Left to Right: 1) Norfolk Zoo Mermaid "Tiger Wood" 2) Navy Base Mermaid "Maid for the Fleet" 3) Chrysler Hall Ticket "Nora Folk" 4) 201 Tazewell Place Mermaid "Flower Garden" 5) Carousel Mermaid at the Harbour "Carousel"


From Left to Right: 1) Modern Blue and Gold (at the Harbor) "Riverview" 2) Mosaic made from shells (Harbor) "Lola" 3) Textured Verdi Gris (unknown location - near McArthur Center) "Plated Mermaid" 4) Typical Mermaid outfit with sparkles (a few streets near McArthur Center) "Gem from the Sea"  5) Looks like a Vdot outfit?  (near McArthur Center) "Miss Definitely Downtown"


Left to Right: 1) Stenographer/court reporter (thanks Karyl for the correction) (outside 253 Bute Street in Norfolk) "Courtney"  2) Leopard Mermaid (in front of Larchmount Elementary School near ODU) "Lea Pard" 3) Siren Cromwell and Granby Streets "Siren" 4) "Miss NATO" Willard Model School 5) "Palace Princess Beatrice" 21st Street Palace Shops


Left to Right: 1) "Jestacular" 124 West Main Street 2) "Maid in Voyage" 124 West Main Street 3) Mirror and Aqua Mosaic Boush Street "Mirror Mosaic" 4) "Belinda" Clarks Art Glass Boush Street 5) Blue, Green, Silver and Mirror Boush Street "Oceana"


Left to Right: 1) In pond in front of Nauticus Museum "Princess Azalea"  2) Harbor near Waterside Mall "Ocean Patina" 3) Near back of Joes Crab Shack on waterfront near Waterside Mall "Low Tide" 4) Thrift Shop window on Granby Street "Miss Virginia Vine" -was inside but is now on roof 5) Front of Nauticus Museum street side "Maid to Cruise"

Left to Right: 1) Located near Thirsty Camel in Willoughby Spit "Nautical Mermaid" 2) Located in MacArthur Center "?"3) Mermaid at the Perry Building "Shamrock" 4) Jewel of Norfolk "Decker, Cardon, Weintraub and Neskis Bldg Plume St 5) "Ships Ahoy" Plume Street Hampton Roads Shipping Bldg.


Left to Right: 1) "Full Circle" BB&T Building near MacArthur Memorial 2) Mermaid outside Bon Secours 3) Mermaid Atop Norfolk Scope Sign 4) I can't verify the address but outside an looked to be abandoned YMCA City hall Ave - "Yuma Ya" and 5)  A Latte Coffee and Creamery Cafe on Granby St.


Left to Right: 1) Homearama 2010 Mermaid "Diva" made by Marie Ann Messina and will be relocated to St. Mary's Children's home It will have changed a little, adding kid's   handprints NEW


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