Willoughby Spit

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No Pamphlet or Ticket


July 13th, 2008

Willoughby Spit, VA


We went here to see if we could find a way around back up traffic before the tunnel... and we discovered the beaches (some of which are seen from the bridge) and the mermaid.  We discovered the two exits just before the bridge but let it be known that they tend to close them off (or at least the last one) when the bridge/tunnel backs up because the town is so small with one lane streets and can't support the extra traffic.  But it's nice to know about anyway.  Just in case they don't close them both off. I found the beaches (free) cleaner than some on the other side and a little less crowded for this Sunday hot afternoon.  So something to consider.


Left to Right: 1) Left side of beach going towards Pier 2) Pier 3) right side of beach going to Pier





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