NEW Cape Henry Lighthouse

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July 22nd, 2006

 New Cape Henry Lighthouse Fort Story, VA

    Site Established: 1792 where the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse sits.  It was built 1881 because of continual annual reports of a cracked foundation in the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse.  The height is higher than the old one, at 164 ft.  It is currently a working lighthouse and visitors are not allowed to go inside.  Beacon visibility is 15 miles.

Left to right: 1) New Cape Henry Lighthouse from Road 2) I think the keepers House 3) Looking up 4) On the beach; the only junk we saw and it was disturbing. Looked to be 1940's-1950's remnants of something sinister 5) New Cape Henry Lighthouse from Old Cape Henry Lighthouse


Lighthouse: 1) The deserted beach; Sue and birds 2) Scott's buddy; a crab 3) Another crab in his hole 4) A view of both the Old and New Cape Henry Lighthouses from the beach.


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