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October 1979

Sunken Gardens, San Antonio, TX


We both went (separately; just a couple months apart) to Lackland AFB near San Antonio Texas, for basic training (Air Force).  While there, we were given (on the last weekend there) a free day in town which was a HUGE deal after being couped up and scrutinized for 6 weeks. My friends and I headed down there and got separated and I spent the day with one girl and we had a lot of fun. We met these two guys who showed us around (we were TOO trusting back then).  We ended up taking too long to get back and got yelled at...and got demerits and were lucky not to get letter of reprimands.  We missed the bus back and were a couple HOURS late.  They were panicked looking for us. To boot, I forgot to take my gum out and my TI wanted to punch my lights out I think (mistaking it for a "I don't care attitude").  Truth was I was scared ... as all newbies were.  Anyway, we visited the Alamo, the Sunken Gardens and the Riverwalk and went to a music store.  That's all I remember. I took one photo in the Alamo, but it was of two airmen, so I won't include that.  Doesn't seem I took much more photos.  Just a small handful.  Back then I was "unconcerned" about these things; more interested in guys and the airplane trip etc.  Now, I take nothing for granted.  Anyway, I can't say much about the sunken gardens as all I remember they seemed large and pretty but that's it.


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