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October 1979

San Antonio, TX


I am not sure what these photos are.  Two I snapped from somewhere.  The deer and peacock photo was in the middle of downtown somewhere at some small park and that surprised me, which is why I took the photo.  The other photo I just took while walking to some store; it was on the edge of a hill or something which I thought was neat.  We didn't get to check out much of San Antonio; we were given like 8 hours or something... so lucky I got to see what I saw as it was!  Other photos I have of basic training were INSIDE the dorms of people which would be even more boring I think... so I will not tell anything about Lackland except it is a military training base for new recruits. I went there 6 weeks before leaving all my new friends...I kept in touch with a couple for a while there and now, we've all lost track. Kind of sad but that's life!  So to anybody of the 3707 WTS flight 037 from 1979 who sees this, give me an email!


 Above:  1) Downtown view 2) Deer and Peacock


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