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August 1990

Wild West Wax Museum, Wall, SD

While heading towards the Black Hills in South Dakota,  we happened upon the Wild West Wax Museum.  Please note that there is not an official site for the museum, so I put the one that shows a little about it. If you stumble across an official site, please email.  The museum itself is located next to Wall Drug and features figures of all the major figures known in the West stories. There are places to eat NEAR the museum, but not in it.  I don't remember the cost of the museum. It was a nominal fee at the time (we were pretty broke and most things we went to were free or nearly free).  The site listed above, says it's 18.00 for a family, but I do not know how old that is.  There is most likely a small gift shop (I don't remember if there was one there when we went).  There is most likely a restroom and water fountain though.  Nearby shopping at Wall drug anyway.

 Left to right:  1) Billy The Kid 2) Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley 3) The James Gang  4) Gunfight at the O.K. Coral 5) Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane

Left to right: 1) General Custer 2) Pat Garrett 3) Sitting Bull


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