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August 1990

Wall Drug, Wall, SD

Wall Drug is probably the place that started the phrase "Tourist Trap".  It started as a small drug store where a man wanted to promote his business.  The little towns in South Dakota are far apart.  You can drive for a very long time before finding civilization, so his place was a stop; but some people missed it, so he decided to start advertising with a billboard, offering free ice water.  Lots of people stopped and so he continued advertising.  You will see many, many (seems like a couple hundred!) billboards advertising his place for many miles..... but then the drug store grew and now it's a mall of sorts, but not any regular mall.  When we went, it was a super large knick knack store, where you can buy "touristy" things like key chains, T-shirts, spoons, ash trays, plates and that sort of stuff.  It's had a number of western themed figures in it (you know, like the Cigar Store Indian).  It's free and I don't know if you can get free ice water, but there is a place to buy snacks and drinks as well as a full-fledged restaurant.  Restrooms available too.  Did you know, they give away free Wall Drug signs?  Just ask!

 Left to Right:  1) The kids with Poker Alice 2) Inside Wall Drug


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