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August 1990

Storybook Island, Rapid City, SD

While heading towards the Black Hills in South Dakota,  we happened upon a place called "Storybook Island", quite by accident.  It was the neatest place! It must've had about 50 different storybook areas. This was a free park and at the time, did not have any amenities other than the park and all the little play areas.  Now, there is still those areas, but they hold theatre events here for kids, a gift shop and more. I not know if there is a place to eat/drink or restrooms.  I noted some other things we did not take photos of, either because they weren't there or we ran out of film or whatever.  Such play areas were Eyeore and Tigger, Fire Engine, 101 Dalmatians, Santa's Workshop, Jack and the Beanstalk, Cat in the Hat, Crooked old Man in a Crooked old House, and many more. The photos are from an old cheap 35mm camera and so they aren't that good.  Sorry, this is the best I could do! This park was very large and it's free, so you could entertain your kids all day!

 Left to Right:  1) Three Billy Goats Gruff 2) Cinderella 3) The House that Jack Built  4) Humpty Dumpty 5) The Little Engine that Could


  Left to right 1) Little Miss Muffet 2) London Bridge 3) Noah's Ark 4) Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater (Scott and the kids) 5) Pinocchio


Left to right:  Snow White 2) Three Little Pigs 3) Yogi Bear (the kids are in the picnic basket) 4) Winnie the Pooh and 5) Wizard of Oz

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