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August 1990

Pioneer Auto Museum, Murdo, SD


We stumbled upon this while on our trip and only went into a couple buildings. I don't remember it being so large or being clean, but now I hear it's 30 buildings, and collections of more than just 250 plus cars; it's got toys, rocks and other things as well.  We hear there's a small town set up like it would be in the early half of America.  Cars here are from 1902-1988.  I remember eating ice cream there with the kids, so think there's a small restaurant to eat/drink at. There is a gift shop as well; though I don't remember going in it.  When we went, the fee was a lot less  but now it's Adults: $8.50
Children 6-13: $4.25 Under 6: Free Hours are: 8:00  a.m. - 9:00 p.m. CT 7 Days a Week


 Left to Right:  1) Kids in a sign car 2) Old car 3) Another old car 4) Farming Equipment (I think)


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