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August 1990

Dinosaur Park, Rapid City, SD


While heading towards the Black Hills in South Dakota,  we happened upon a dinosaur park that had about 6-8 life-sized dinosaurs.  The Dinosaurs were fun for the kids; they climbed on some and chased each other around.  It was free too. I don't know if they've built any concessions or anything around there now.  There was nothing back then.  The photos aren't the best as we had a small cheap camera and I didn't have all this technology of today (scanner, Photoshop etc) So this is as good as I can make them sorry.  


 Left to Right:  1) Brontosaurus 2) Triceratops 3) Stegosaurus 4) Tyrannosaurus 5) Dimetrodon (I think)


  Left to right 1) Trachodon 2) Protoceratops (?)

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