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August 1990

1880's Western Town, Murdo, SD

While heading towards the Black Hills in South Dakota,  we happened upon a place with no name.  It was an 1880's Western Town and the day we went, we were the only people there (till at the end, we saw one other family).  Not even a caretaker was there and we didn't quite know what to make of it.  You couldn't go into any of the buildings.  The doors were blocked with plexi-glass but open so you could see in some of the buildings.  Inside housed what appeared to be authentic items from everyday living.  It was quite a site and we got there quite by accident.  It was free. There were no places to eat or drink, no restrooms, no gift shops of note.  Since we've been, they've added to it: Dances with Wolves movie props and memorabilia, Vanishing Prairie Exhibits, Casey Tibbs tribute, Buffalo Bill display, Town Hall-historic film shown continuously and a Western art collection.  I read that it was built to make a film but the film never happened. So when they departed, they gave it to the man who provided many of the artifacts for the film.  The buildings are partially authentic, some are actually structures from the period moved to this location.

 Left to Right:  1) 14-Sided Barn 2) Donkey 3) One Room Schoolhouse  4) Tee-pees 5) The main town from far away


The kids on the Stagecoach


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