Rocky Point Amusement Park

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July, 1985

Rocky Point Amusement Park, Warwick, RI


I grew up in RI and the first 18 years of my life were spent there. I went to a lot of things I guess, but I never took photos or cared. I guess that's what happens when you live somewhere for a long time or are a young person.  I attended places below (see links).  As for Rocky Point, it's interesting to include this even though I think it's mostly gone.  We used to have all the school trips here and the place is very well known for it's unique and well sought after recipes for Clam cakes and Clam Chowder.   Alas, I just learned while researching (see links above) that it's demolished for sure; apparently even the clam cake and Clam Chowder joint.  What a travesty. I have included links below to people claiming to have the secret recipe! Rhode island has a few things pretty much indigenous to anywhere else in the world.  Besides the Clamcakes and Chowder, there is the famous Coney dogs that are unique in RI.  Del's Lemonade is unique too here, as there used to be trucks coming by to sell the "slushies" with pieces of real fruit inside. We also had coffee milk, drink Narragansett beer and put vinegar on our homemade fries. We eat grinders, not subs; and cabinets not milkshakes.  Ah, those are the unique things I miss so much and try as I might to duplicate, they cannot be duplicated.  oh, one more thing; RI was home to the only known X-rated  Drive in~  now it is not X-rated, but is the only open Drive in in Rhode Island, and as most know, Drive in's are a dying breed; I don't think there's very many left in the world...So don't dismiss Rhode Island; it's got some great stuff you'll be talking about for ages.



Left to right: 1) The kids on the kiddie cars 2) Kids on airplanes 3) General view; me and a relative


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