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December 1998

Dohar, Qtar


     Scott went to Dohar, Qatar in December 1998 and was there somewhere between one and two weeks (I forget exactly how many days).  It was during the crisis in the Mid East.  Because of that, he wasn't allow to go very far; their movements were limited for safety reasons.  Seems he didn't go out of Dohar at all, instead, staying in the hotel and in that part of the city.  Because he blended in more easily (because of his skin tone and hair color), but since his compadres couldn't, he didn't either.  So below are photos of his hotel.  I hear they spent most of the time in the pub and the pool!  Scott was saying that Dohar looked tropical, clean, resort-like and very modern.  This is probably due to the oil wealth.  Some things to do there I found no links for are: Qatar National Museum and Aquarium, Doha Ethnographic Museum, The Corniche, Doha Fort. and

City Center Mall.



Above left to right: 1) View from Scott's balcony 2) Scott's Hotel 3) Inside the Hotel  4) Inside the Hotel again  5) View from outside the hotel looking at his and another hotel


Above:  View from Hotel Balcony


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