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March, 1995

Nizwa, Oman


     Nizwa is located in the heart of Oman about 165 km from Muscat the capital city.  It's a large oasis spreading about 8 miles.  The history of Oman was limited to find.  However, a little about the photos below.  Nizwa Fort, (A'Dakhliyah) built by Imam Sultan bin Saif al Ya'arubi in 1668, is the biggest fort in the Arabian Peninsula with an exterior diameter of its circular structure of 150 feet, and over 115 feet high. The fort was once used as the Imam's headquarters.

     There are There are over 500 forts, castles and towers in Oman which has a coastline of 1,700 kilometers!

     Mosques are all over Oman and it's no exception in Nizwa. I don't know of historical ones, but they are pretty and worth visiting.

     The book roundabout is a unique thing; they say Oman is the learning capital of the region and that may be the reason for the book sculpture.


Above left to right: 1) Nizwa Fort 2) Nizwa's main Mosque 3) Book Roundabout


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