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November 1995 - December 1996

Muscat, Oman


     Muscat is where Scott was stationed (at the US Embassy) for a year.  He went on business trips to Thumrait and Masirah frequently, but the other places listed on the Oman page he just visited briefly.  Although a year there, I guess he didn't do or see anything in the city of Muscat as all he's got are photos of the Embassy and nearby area.  However, links are provided below to some of the sites of interest in or around Muscat.  Muscat is the capitol of Oman.

     While there, Scott did bring home gifts.  A couple high content gold necklaces for me, some loose stones (tourmaline, amethyst, garnet, etc about a half dozen or so); he also brought home Frankincense (and small clay incense burner); a tiny silver urn (really tiny); a small looking (very small) silver oil lamp sort of thing I never figure out what it was, a camel bone box (kind of gross) and a couple things (weavings) for the kids as well as the funniest one.... a carpet ..... made in the USA!  LOL He thought that one was the best; so here's a guy selling authentic carpets and Scott goes for the cheap one that looks best; it's machine made and imported.  But he didn't know; without shopping skills, man cannot forage the markets.  He also brought home oils (which were concentrated scents of perfumes in the US and around the globe).  Those were pretty cool.  You buy these things at the souks (market).   

    There are places to visit I could not find links for: The Old Muttrah Souk (read story link below to understand how to act if you are a woman), Al Alam Royal Palace, Watchtower, Mirani Fort, Al-Riyam Park, Bait Al-Zubair


Above left to right: 1) Embassy from a distance 2) Side Street of surrounding homes 3) Embassy sign 4) Water view 5) Embassy


Above: Apartment Complex at Embassy


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