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February, 1995

Bahrain, Oman


     Bahrain, a group of 33 islands, with an area of 707 square kilometers, is situated in the Arabian Gulf, off the east coast of Saudi Arabia. Scott live there for a year.  He said he didn't take a lot of photos as he didn't think there was much to see there (he said after a while, it all started to look the same to him), but there were some beautiful Mosques and old castles etc I guess. He worked at the US Embassy there. 

     Conflicts between the Shiites and Sunnis are a continuing problem in Bahrain. The Sunni minority, to which the ruling al-Khalifah family belongs, controls nearly all the power and wealth in the country. Shiite Muslims have continued to agitate for more representation in government, and minor violent clashes have led to more than two dozen deaths since 1994.

      I don't know what else to say except to make it a point to see the Forts, the Mosques and the tree or life.


Above left to right: 1) Beit Al Quaran Grand Mosque 2) a look into the city of Bahrain


Places you might like to visit:

Bahrain Fort

Barbar temple

Gold Souk

Beit Al Quaran Grand Mosque

Tree of Life


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