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June 27th 2009

Pullen Park, Raleigh, NC

After the Antiques Roadshow, we had some time as it was still morning. We went to an early lunch in a plaza and visited an antique store there as well as a party store where I bought my grandbaby some party supplies. Then we headed off to a couple more antique stores where I bought a gift for a neighbor and a chair for the granddaughter. I think that's all I bought. Then we STILL had time, so we went to "Pullen Park" to see the carousel (1921) there as a friend had suggested it. We found a lovely park which had a train to ride (we didn't) but we walked the paths and had a good time. We stumbled across a statue of Andy Griffith in the park...which was a neat surprise. Apparently, TV land gave the statue to the park because of a connection to NC in the show. There is a playground, places to cook/eat a picnic (tables), water fountains, a place to get a snack/soda (very limited/small only a handful items available total). You can rent paddle boats and I heard there was an Olympic sized pool and a small petting zoo, but I did not see either.  That's about it for the park. Nice place to visit for a couple hours... let the kids run around.

Left to right: 1) A small train for kids (and adults) to ride around the park 2) Nice park scene 3) an nice park view 4) another view of the water/park 4) Pullen Park sign for train rides and Carousel prices.


Left to right: 1) The house for the carousel 2) Carousel Tiger 3) Carousel painting 4) a nice carousel horse


Left to right: 1) A carousel pig 2) a carousel giraffe 3) a carousel donkey 4) a carousel pig and deer


Left to right: 1) a carousel ostrich 2) a general carousel photo 3) a carousel ostrich and bunny rabbit 4) a plaque commemorating the Andy Griffith show 5) The Andy Griffith and Opie statue


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