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August 1987

North Dakota State Fair Minot, ND


Not having much to do in North Dakota, we went where and when we could.  Winters were long and harsh and we never ventured out of the house; we watched videos and got our first computer there (the ADAM) and later upgraded 286 which was cutting edge technology.  So winters were board games and that.  Summers we played sports (Softball (Scott and I) Tee ball, coach pitch (for the kids); we went to the park, the zoo and shopping at the one mall. Scott had work, I had school and volunteered at the kids schools and Scott played golf, football and racquetball.  We had to fill our lives with that; the only annual event we looked forward to was the "state fair".  Not much there.  If there was ever a stereotypical fair, it was here.  4H club, animal judging, best pie baking, eating contests, rodeo show, some carnival games, a couple rides for adults and a kiddies ride area and petting zoo.  There was a lot to eat/drink, a lot of things to buy for the kids and they'd have political people there giving out buttons etc.  The pavilion had businesses set up inside to showcase their wares and a crafter's place to buy things.  I think they had a monster truck show and a couple country artists signing.  I don't remember who.  I don't remember it being the be all and end all of things but back then it was HUGE!  Now, I hear they have large names. This year (2006) Carrie Underwood, Steve Miller and other big names.


Above:  1)  Kids on car ride 2) kids on caterpillar ride 3) Petting Zoo (Jason with Goats) and 4) Jeremy overlooking rabbits; one won a blue ribbon


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