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July 1986

Roosevelt Park Zoo, Minot, ND


Roosevelt Park/Zoo was the only place within 15 minutes from us, so we could take the kids there often.  We'd have picnics or play Frisbee in the park.  All office functions that didn't take place on base, took place there, as that is the ONLY place for miles around free and public.  The zoo itself back then was small.  I hear they have a lot more animals now and the panther is gone, but it's still a relatively small zoo.  Other than a few monkeys, a couple Bison, Deer and I think an alligator, the only animals they had are below.  The prices back then was something like only 5 dollars for the whole family; its now 2006 May: 10am - 6pm June, July, August: 10am - 8pm; September: 10am - 5pm. Admission Prices: $5.75, ages 13 & up; $3.00, ages 5-12; Free, ages 4 & under


 Left to Right:  1)  Jeremy feeds a duck 2) Brown Bear 3) Lemurs 4) Kids with Giraffe 5) Panther and Leopard together


Left to right: Peacock, 2) Raccoons 3) Jason with White Peacock 4) Jeremy with Zebras 5) Jason at Windmill


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