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Mid 1977

United Nations, New York City, NY


I went to New York twice as a kid.  I remember visiting Rockefeller Center (did not take a photo); we were in the building and saw a number of TV personalities and soap stars walking around. We were to see the Rockettes, but I don't remember doing that.  We were supposed to see a play called "The King and I" but we did not because Yul Brenner was ill or something.  So we saw one called "Bubbling Brown Sugar".  We went to the Statue of Liberty and up inside it. I went as far as the crown. I got scared and wanted back down (inside, the statue was skeletal inside and  you could see down the steps etc).  The steps were narrow. At the bottom of the monument is a museum, showcasing where the immigrants came from and where their names were logged in etc.  In NYC, we also went in the United Nations Building and they WERE doing something in there.  I did not know at the time what they were talking about. You put on headphones and could get the language you needed to hear.  We also went up the Empire State Building and gazed the Twin Towers (which are no longer there).  I made sure to sit on a wall on Wall Street (LOL). I did not take photos of anything as I only had a cheap 12 roll of film and used more than half of it to take photos of my friends.  Kids will be kids!  That's about all we did in NYC except get lost a couple times, buy a pretzel or hot dog from a street vendor and people watch.  Back in the mid 70's, that was the place to see shocking things (which aren't shocking today) including gay lovers holding hands, street walkers, winos, gang members etc.  All so prevalent there and shocking for the time.  Below is the only photo I took of the Twin Towers from the highway.  Sad, but at least I got something of them before the tragedy.  The tragic downing of the towers happened September 11th, 2002 which was my son's 18th birthday.  A sad day for so many.


 Above:  1) The only photos of the Twin Towers I took. 


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