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May 1986

Tropicana, Stardust and Silver Slipper, Las Vegas Nevada


     I found, from our first trip to Vegas, some photos of hotels played a slot or something in, but didn't do much there or sleep there.  I believe the Tropicana has been renovated, with a 22 story tower added about a year after this photo below was taken.  The Silver Slipper is no longer there, it closed 2 years after this photo was taken.  The Silver Slipper was once owned by Howard Hughes.  Rumor has it he was scared of the original (long gone from the photo below) rotating slipper, fearing someone would try to install cameras in it, and capture photos of him in his penthouse suite across the way.  He said he was bothered by the lights as well. In 1988, it was bought by the woman who owned the Frontier next door, for 70 million dollars; she turned it into a parking lot.  The Stardust has undergone changes as well; once notorious for having the largest Pool and most hotel rooms when it opened, it's also one of the oldest hotels on the strip, being built in the 1950's.  It's famous for Wayne Newton's show which ran there 10 years.  I believe he was the first celebrity with a long term contract in Vegas, and the Stardust was where it happened.



 Above:  1)  Silver Slipper 2) Stardust 3) Tropicana


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