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August 1995

Mirage Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Nevada


The Mirage Hotel is home to Siegfried and Roy and the infamous White Tigers.  Though that's what they're most noted for, the hotel boasts world class dining and entertainment as well. The hotel has Shopping, a Nightclub, Gambling, Dining, the White Tiger Habitat and a Dolphin habitat, Tropical Rain Forest, Aquarium and outdoor a "volcano" that erupts every few minutes. Other amenities include Pool, Spa, Salon, golf and soon, they'll be opening something they did not have when we visited; a special poolside treatment (waited on hand and foot; DJ playing music, while dolphins swim close by).  We only took photos of the Tigers and Volcano and lobby; but we did see the Rainforest and HUGE aquarium.



 Left to Right:  1) Mirage; Volcano just before eruption  2) Mirage Hotel and Erupting Volcano 3) Mirage Lobby  4) Tiger Habitat 5) White Tiger


Left to Right: White Tiger stretches on tree


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