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August 1995

MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Nevada


The MGM Grand Hotel I hear isn't like it was.  It is the main heavy hitter hotel for sports betting; and they hold major Boxing matches there as well as major concerts and comedy shows.  We saw the heavyweight champion (at the time), Mike Tyson there at the time (outside near his limo).  When we went, they had a theme park (small; not like the one in Disney; but it had a few rides including a log flume and river rafting ride).  They had a Pirate stunt show as well and the main thing to see in the hotel lobby was the Wizard of Oz set up.  This hotel is mostly for the adults now.  I am not sure if the Wizard of Oz display is still there either.  I am told this hotel caters mainly to celebs and people into sports betting and off the wall type betting. Amenities though, include golf, spa, monorail, shopping and chapel as well as places to dine. The theme park was expensive for the amount of stuff there was to do, but they did offer a military discount.   Prices were 20-29 dollars each for kids-adults.  I think it failed because nobody knew it was there!  It wasn't advertised much and we stumbled upon it; which was good, because not many people in the park.



 Left to Right:  1) Wet people coming off a flume ride  2) A smaller version of Disney's Theme Park  3) Postcard 4) Scott in the Stockade 5) Wizard of Oz characters


  Left to Right: 1) Pirates Stunt Show  2) Wizard of Oz Balloon 3) Postcard view of front Entrance (MGM Lion) 4) Wizard of Oz Balloon again 5) Pirate Stunt show again.


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