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August 1995

Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada


Attractions in this hotel include shows, Imax theatre; Imax Ridefilms (these are a 3D Ride like Disney's Star Tours; we did go on one and it was fun); a nightclub, dining facilities, Atrium, Arcade and some specialty shops like the Pearl Factory and the Scarab shop.  There is also the Nile River Tour and the King Tut Tomb exhibit (we went to both).  We did both of these as well as one of the 3D rides. Other amenities include pool, spa, golf, and chapel. I personally love Egypt and the history; so this museum for me was my second favorite!



 Left to Right:  1) Sphinx Close up  2) Scott at Entrance  3) Kids and Scott with Statue  4) Obelisk 5) And from the replica Museum; Golden throne


Left to Right: Luxor Hotel Front 2) Luxor Hotel Side view 3) Ram with me and the Kids 4) Luxor Hotel 5) Inside the Replica Museum; treasure


Above: Statue from inside Luxor Hotel King Tut's Tomb Replica exhibit


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