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August 1995

Excalibur Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Nevada


I don't know why we didn't take photos at the Excalibur!  We stayed there!  The other photos I have are of the kids sleeping and they don't want that on the net. I also didn't buy any postcards.  Don't know why... neither did we attend the jousting show they have. I don't know why either!  Inside I just heard about the Jousting Dinner show; I didn't hear about anything else, but the kids played arcade and carnival games in there and they had a fantastic gift shop that sold crystal (castles etc).  Great stuff.  Entertainment consists of some of the best comedians and musicians and they have nice places to dine.  Amenities include golf, spa, pool and chapel.  Of course, there is always gambling too...



 Above:  1)  Jason and Jeremy with a knight


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