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August 1995

Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas Nevada


Of all the hotels we visited (haven't seen the new ones like the Venetian and New York etc), this was my absolute favorite.  The painter who did the ceiling is brilliant.  The statues and the storefronts are gorgeous; there are really nice expensive upscale shops here. There's a life-sized replica of Michelangelo's David inside; a fountain with Neptune being in the center and they have Anthony and Cleopatra, as well as Caesar and Centurions and Gladiators walking about, and sometimes they do a show. There is a talking statue show free to all, and Planet Hollywood, as well as other famous chef's have restaurants here (Wolfgang Puck etc).  Caesar's is known for its entertainment; Celine Deion and Elton John are fixtures here and they have other famous comedians do shows as well.  Some amenities include pool, spa, golf, free shuttle to the Rio, Airline Reservations, Concierge etc. It's all good...



 Left to Right:  1) Painted Ceiling and statues  2) Caesars Entrance  3) Caesars Entrance at Night  4) Golden Chariot 5) Shopping/David's Pedestal



Left to Right: 1) Caesar, Anthony and Cleopatra 2) Shopping hallway 3) Statue of David 4) Postcard 5) Statue outside


Left to right: 1) Fountain of the Gods 2) Closer look at fountain 3) Talking Statues 4) Talking Statues again 5) Close up of one of the statues


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