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October 1979-1982

One Room Schoolhouse, MI


We lived in Michigan for 3.5 years and that is where Scott and I met, fell in love, got married, had our first son.  Other than that, we didn't do much.  We both were in the military and our biggest thing to do was one a year go to the mall in Saginaw.  About 2 times a year, we'd go to Alpena where they had a K-Mart and ice cream shop and a small main street!  Where we lived was isolated.  They got a McDonalds and that was a huge deal.  About 20 minutes away, there was a department store (small non-national one) and a Pizza Hut and we'd go there about once a month. That was a huge treat! We hear even Oscoda has a Wal-Mart now and the other areas are built up as well.  That was it except for church and Scott playing softball.  But we went camping once at the lake and I found a fossil.  We were also baptized (I've been baptized twice now) in Lake Huron.  That was our big trip.  The only thing really to see or do in Michigan that we didn't do was go to Mackinaw Island.  I regret we did not visit.  We did go to Rhode Island via Canada and New York and did see Niagara Falls on the way, but I didn't snap photos...we kept going.  The one house schoolroom we happened upon and it was NOT a tourist attraction; it was just there on someone's property.  I am not sure where it was located and I didn't take any other photos... sorry I didn't!  I've given the link to one-room schoolhouses; I didn't see this one.


 Above:  1) One room schoolhouse; located somewhere between Oscoda and Saginaw


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