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October 1979-1982

Grayling, MI


While stationed in Michigan for 3 years, I got a chance to play war for a few days up in Grayling.  What fun and at the same time agony.  It was freezing; I forgot my jacket (opting to bring a pillow instead which everyone ridiculed me for) but I was the only one to bring a can opener and they were begging to use it!  LOL The best thing was getting to be a runner (I didn't like digging or living in a foxhole for many hours waiting to be attacked) and getting to shoot and capture the enemy (a nearby Army group).  I got a little nervous though and ended up shooting my fellow comrade in the butt!  Never fear; we had suppressors on, so he didn't REALLY get shot! I got teased about that for months after, but it was a neat experience. It was three women and about 85-95 men I believe.  One thing I didn't like was having to sleep with my cold M-16!  Below are some places we used to visit.  The town of Oscoda was VERY small.  2 thousand people all spread out mainly in farms.  We used to eat and play pool/drink/hear local bands at the AuSable Inn, but it looks to be just a hotel now.  The restaurant and bar are now gone.  Also gone is another pub and a pizza joint.  Oh well.  I am not sure if the little store outside Wurtsmith AFB is there either; but it had the BEST cheese steaks ever!


 Above left to right:  1) Me with my M-16in Camouflage  2) Eating MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat)


Sites you might like to visit we used to frequent:

Michigan Army National Guard

Wurtsmith AFB

Redwood Motor Lodge (where I spent my Wedding night)

Wiltsies Pub/Restaurant (our favorite Friday Night place)






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