Tijuana, Mexico

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Feb, 1984

Tijuana, Mexico


We vested Tijuana while we lived in California.  We went on two day trips.  Tijuana was the place you went to just to say you've been to another country.  There was a HUGE disparity between the US and the Mexican borders cities.  Really close to the border was a little run down but inside the border of Mexico, it was like all little shacks; and as we were on the bridge just inside the border (by only a few feet even), the beggars came up (mostly kids but some women as well).  It was sad.  Stories would go around about how much they actually made and some said it was more than if they worked and even worked in the US.  But I don't know if I believed that.  However, the stories for us about if you give to one child many more come was actually true. We did that once and it was a big mistake.  It's much better to give your money to the vendors who actually can be bartered with.  Trust me, they are not losing money.  Most of the items are cheaply made and most of them are cheap made alright; they don't last long.  However some good deals can be had.  We bought a lot of pottery, a chess set (which was sprayed with a rocklike coating, a couple blankets (some are cheaper made than others) and some tequila.  I hear now you cannot get the worm any longer and now there are limitations on what you can bring back.  Leather goods are good to buy also. We also got some Onyx bookends and a bottle of a certain brand of Kahlua.  You can get drugs (prescription) there cheaply, but it is not advisable as you cannot be sure what you are getting.  People go down there to the bars, but it's not a wise thing to do.  It's difficult to get out of Mexican jail and they treat you badly.  ESPECIALLY in Tijuana as there is a lot of crime there at night.  I bought a wooden box there and another blanket on my second trip, but we didn't find anything new or exciting to get.  That's the main reason people cross the border.  Shopping and liquor.  The US dollar would go far there.  We didn't see or do anything else there.  Photos below are the ONLY photos we have and they are difficult to tell what they are.  Very poor quality.  We had an issue with the film and camera I guess.  We ate at a Denny's as it was the only restaurant that was "American" in name and we had been warned not to eat or drink there unless it was bottled... like Coca cola.  That's what we did.  It was ok, but the food was bland. Deeper in Tijuana, there may be better places to go. I hear it's got nice places now but I've not been in a LONG time... so to find out, visit sites online.  Anyway, I spent less than 50 dollars and had a LOT of stuff. I am not sure how it is now, but I hear the leather and potter and liquor and blankets are still good deals.



Left to right: 1) Boy and woman begging 2) Border station 3) The border from the US side; on the bridge 4) shopping shacks 5) Town


Left to right: 1) found this at my mom's house-apparently I didn't save a copy and turns out it's the best photo as it is typical touristy and has the date on it that we went! 


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