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July, 1985

Nogales, Mexico


We went to Nogales only once and it wasn't that interesting for me at the time.  There wasn't much there, the prices were a little higher than Tijuana, the quality wasn't even handmade on a lot of it; it was just all cheaply industry made.  Also, it was dirty and run down.  I couldn't find any photos in the scrapbooks. I guess we didn't take any.  If I find some, I'll post it. However, I didn't see anything interesting enough to take photos of I think!  Here's some information on Nogales: Nogales is on the border of the Arizona city of Nogales (that's right, two cities, names the same thing on each side of the border.  There is more shopping in indoor narrow shops than outside swap meet areas.  There is still haggling allowed, but with some of the shops, they took offense at haggling so I felt unsure if it was a ploy or if I insulted them, making me not want to bargain anymore (so therefore I bought less).  This may have been an off day though. I don't know.  I may have just gotten a bad shop owner or two. Some of the shop owners are a little aggressive, not letting you browse, or following you... but here and there, a bargain can be had. I couldn't find anything too fascinating about the history or important things to do or see there, but there is a couple old missions nearby (not in Nogales, but near it).  We didn't want to get lost there, because we kept hearing horror stories about being carjacked or robbed; so we just stayed within a few blocks of the border.


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