Boston, MA

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Old Statehouse badge (this is your ticket), Museum of Fine Arts Ticket, Paul Revere House pamphlet, Mikes Bakery String, Charlie Ticket (Subway) and Museum of Fine Arts Pamphlet


September 2010

Boston, Massachusetts



     We went to Boston, MA the end of September/Beginning of October 2010. I'd been there a few times before as a kid but it was nice to return with Scott and appreciate it more as an adult. We went back two days (from and to the airport). The first day, we went only to my favorite place in all of Boston: The Museum of Fine Arts. Here,  you get to see some very famous pieces of art that are seen in history books. It used to be free or nearly free when I was young but now it's a bit more expensive. To get there, we had heard parking was horrendous and a lot of roadwork and it might be best to take the metro/subway. So we did just that (it's a good way to experience part of the city too).  Turns out that's the oldest subway ever... rickety and loud and dirty. Some guy was staring at my chest the whole way there! I didn't know on the way back I needed a new ticket, so I just went on and took my seat figuring that Scott would pay if he needed to as he was behind me; but he didn't pay for MY ticket? I guess he was figured since the guy didn't say anything as I walked by.... so I was worried the whole trip back (ended up sneaking off because it was impossible to go up front with all the people in there). Oh well. Here are some photos of the Museum of Fine Arts (no flash photography allowed, so you better be a great photographer or sneaky):


From Left to Right: 1) Front of the MFA, 2) In front of the MFA a statue entitles "Appeal of the  Great Spirit" 3) Greek Statuary 4) Egyptian Statuary


From Left to Right: 1) Statue of King Mycerinus 2) Bust of King Tut 3) Stone Sarcophagus of a couple embracing 4) Egyptian Sarcophagus 4) Egyptian Statue and column


From Left to Right: 1) Renoir painting 2) three Van Gogh Paintings 3) Very famous paintings of Monet's Water Lilies 4) Another one of the Monet Water Lilies paintings.


From Left to Right: 1) A Rembrandt portrait 2) I love this painting but forget the name 3) a gorgeous Rodin Sculpture 4) Giovanni Paolo (I LOVE this painting - it's massive and I did a 5,000 piece puzzle of it) 5) Another Rembrandt portrait


From Left to Right: 1) A couple Monet paintings "Poppies" 2) a Degas painting, 3) Bernardino Luini's famous painting "John the Baptist" 4) Greek pottery 5) Bust of Zeus (from Turkey)


From Left to Right: 1) More Greek Sculpture 2) More Greek Pottery 3) Inside the Museum 4) Ceiling in the center - the oculus 5) Another part of the ceiling


Later, we visited other parts of Boston: We ate breakfast in Quincy Market, which had a great selection of bakeries and coffee places. We saw this area was part of the Freedom Trail by foot (no guided tour) which consists of: The Boston Common, The State House, Park Street Church, Granary Burying Ground, King’s Chapel, King’s Chapel Burying Ground, Benjamin Franklin Statue/Boston Latin School, Old Corner Book Store, Old South Meeting House***, Old State House ***, Site of the Boston Massacre***, Faneuil Hall***, Paul Revere House***, The Old North Church***, Copp's Hill Burying Ground***, Bunker Hill Monument*** and USS Constitution and upon looking at a map, we decided to follow some of it by foot. We only visited the sites with *** but I only am sad we missed the USS Constitution. If we ever go back, that's on our "must see list". The best time was just walking down where Mike's Bakery is, buying a Cannoli and black/white cookie and smelling the many dozens of Italian Restaurants. If you want Italian Food, this IS the place to be!!!  We ate at one and I loved my meatball sandwich. I can make great meatballs (I  like mine better) but the bread and the cheese were soooo good! Scott got Fettuccini Alfredo and liked it as well and we loved looking at the  Italian old men, talking in Italian and one in French, while the Italian News/Sports channel played in the background. Great stuff. I loved seeing a taxi driver outside arguing with  a truck delivery guy and I loved seeing the men in aprons unloading on dollies cases of liquor. Ah, old Italy - reminds me of home too (RI) back in the day...



From Left to Right: 1) Customs House Clock Tower 2) Nice Architecture 3) Fenueil Hall  4) Fenueil Hall closer with Statue of Samuel Adams


From Left to Right: 1) Quincy Market 2) a Pigeon 3) Mayor Curley statues (one of him standing and one of him sitting on a bench) 4) Mayor Kevin White statue


From Left to Right: 1) Closer view of Mayor Kevin White Statue 2) closer view of Sam Adams statue 3) Inside the "Old State House" museum. New England Militia items 3) Boston Maritime items 4) John Hancock's coat!


From Left to Right: 1) Revolutionary War items 2) Old Statehouse spiral staircase 3) another photo of the Old Statehouse spiral staircase 4) Plaque


From Left to Right: 1) An interior room with some artifacts 2) Outside view of the Old Statehouse 3) Artifacts from Bunker Hill 4) Light Up model of Boston as it'd of been during the Revolutionary War


From Left to Right: 1) Model of the USS Constitution 2) Whaling artifacts 3) Pierce Hitch born House 4) Revere Park Plaques


From Left to Right: 1) Pierce/Hichborn House 2) Revere Fountain 3) Paul Revere Statue close up 4) Paul Revere Statue 5) St Francis statue.


From Left to Right: 1) Paul Revere House (side/back) 2) Another photo of the Side/Back of the Paul Revere House 3)  Back of paul Revere House 4) Revere Bell is outside in the back of the Revere House



From Left to Right: 1) The Old North Church 2) Close-up of the Revere Fountain 3) Close Up of the Old North Church tower 4) Italian Men in a restaurant we ate at 5) Old North Church Plaque


From Left to Right: 1) View of street from front of Old North Church 2) Old North Church Entrance 3) Interesting Homes and their architecture 4) Inside the Old North Church


From Left to Right: 1) Inside the Old North Church; a pew 2) Organ inside the Old North Church 3) The Narrator inside the Old North Church 4) Flags inside the Old North Church


From Left to Right: 1) Freedom Trail sign and crowd 2) Copp's Hill Cemetery graves 3) Old Copp's Hill Burial Ground plaque 4) More graves 4) Near the Paul Revere House: Cobblestone streets.


From Left to Right: 1) Bunker Hill soldier vignette 2) Bunker Hill East corner where Redoubt was 3) Bunker Hill Prescott statue 4) Bunker hill SE corner garden 5) Bunker Hill plaque


From Left to Right: 1) Bunker Hill NE Corner stone/plaque 2) Bunker Hill musket and bayonet 3) Bunker hill monument 4) Bunker Hill museum 5) Bunker Hill stone


From Left to Right: 1) Bunker Hill model of the battle 2) another area of the model showing the battle at Bunker Hill 3) Joseph Warren Statue 4) Bunker Hill drum


From Left to Right: 1) Bunker Hill Connecticut gate 2) Bunker Hill British Soldier's sword3) Architecture (unknown building) 4) Afghanistan/Iraq memorial garden (thousands of dog tags; very humbling)


From Left to Right: 1) Street near the Old North Church



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