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September 1995

Wadi rum, Jordan


Wadi Rum (sounds like the word 'room') is different than most valleys because the flat valley floor doesn't taper into foothills and eventually mountains (cone shaped); the mountains jut abruptly from the valley floor.  So it's flat and boom, there the mountains/rock formations are! The mountains are made up of several different types of bright varied colors of rock as well as beautiful rock formations.

  Wadi Rum is home to several Bedouin tribes who live in scattered camps throughout the area. Wadi Rum is probably best known for its connection with British officer T. E. Lawrence, who was based here during the Great Arab Revolt of 1917-18. Scenes from the film Lawrence of Arabia was filmed in Wadi Rum. The Rock Bridge of Burdah, one of Wadi Rumís most popular attractions but Scott didn't go there I guess.  I hear it's a huge trek to get there and you'll need to do some camping (bring sleeping bag!). Jordan's highest mountain, Jabal Rum is here as well. I hear it's a ten-hour round trip to the summit, and arrangements should be made the previous day at the Government Rest House. You'll need some good hiking boots as well as a ton of water! From what I hear, there are petroglyphs and other rock paintings etc from all cultures and periods of time in this valley. Some as old as 4,000 year or older! 

    What I noticed while looking at other's sites, that the photos they have are better. The bridge, photos of the natives, night views etc.  So peruse online cause this place is so much more majestic than depicted here.

 Left to Right:  Camel (Scott's friend cropped out; not sure of his name and don't want him online if he doesn't want to be!) 2) A hike thought a crevasse 3) A unique mountain 4) Unique rock formation 5) Scott's there; to show you how large it is; the boulder in front left appears to be square...hmmm.  Old temple ruin or something?  Or possibly a really unique rock!


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