Star Wars Celebrations

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July, 1985

Star Wars Celebrations, Indianapolis, IN


We went to Indianapolis for two Star Wars conventions. I have put all the photos, as well as a diary and other stuff online on my other "Star Wars" site.  I didn't really get to visit anything else in Indianapolis outside of the immediate vicinity and all I saw there was a lot of hotels, restaurants, a mall, the airport, and there was a stadium there. I hear the Speedway, probably the most famous thing there, was close by.  But we did not have time to see it.  I have some interesting stories though about the trip, so click below to see the large array of stories and photos.



Star Wars Celebration II and III


Left to right: 1) Please click the links above to my Star Wars site so you can see the photos from both conventions which include: Celebrities, me with Celebrities, Lucasfilm Costume/props archive, people dressed up and general photos of things there.


Sites you might like to visit in in or near or in Star Wars Celebration or Indianapolis :

Star Wars Celebration

Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway

Indianapolis Zoo

Indianapolis Museum of Art

Indianapolis Children's Museum

Benjamin Harrison Home

Celebration IV Forum

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