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October 9th, 2006

Navy Pier Chicago, Illinois


Scott have to travel to Chicago for a business trip and so I traveled behind him on Friday evening, so we could have Saturday together.  We left Saturday evening, so in effect I was there for less than 24 hours.  Expensive for one day, but I had to see the King Tut Exhibit so we went. As a side benefit, we went to the Navy Pier.  The Pier itself is free to walk, but I would suggest parking in the city somewhere else (not in the garages AT the pier) because Parking costs 22.00!!!!  One hour or all day it's 22.00!  Insanity!  The pier has some boats to look at, a lighthouse (and a small lightship), and outside when it's seasonal, there is a small group of ride (Giant Ferris Wheel, Carousel and some kiddie rides).; along the pier are food vendors and some parked vehicles (a boat or two, an ambulance and I think there was a car too, that were found in the water below (the vehicles are old and a little plaque tells the story).  You'll see a couple fun houses, an anchor and even a hearse on the pier.  The funhouses and rides are not free. Inside the large building is a place for meetings (like convention centers have), some souvenir shops (touristy stuff mainly) and some food vendors; here you will find the famed Billy Goat restaurant that was seen in the Saturday Night Live skit (remember when they sat down and did Chee-borger!  Chee-borger!  or da Bears...  da bulls.  Also inside, you may find seasonal exhibits of art.  As well as a stained glass museum called the Smith Gallery of Stained Glass, featuring many from Tiffany Studios.  There was another small personal exhibit of sculpted furniture.  Mostly, I think you go to the pier just to walk it and say you've been or to look at the people; it's always bustling.


Above left to right: 1)  Navy Pier sign (beer gardens) 2) Famous Billy Goat Tavern and grill 3)  Ferris Wheel 4) Pier 5) Skyline/Pier


Left to right: 1) Chicago Harbor Lighthouse built 1893; oldest on Lake Michigan 2) Southeast Guidewall light 3) Panoramic Carousel shot (not done too well; didn't take enough photos to do it perfectly)  4) Chicago Skyline 5) William E Dever Crib (Water Purification stop)


Above Left to Right: 1) Thomas Augustin O'Shaughnessy "Printer's History: 1914" stained glass window  2) Tiffany Studios: Chicago Skyline Stained Glass Window 3) Tiffany Studios "Solomon"


Sites you might like to visit:


Adler Planetarium

Museum of Science and Industry

Nature Museum of the Chicago Academy of Sciences

Shedd Aquarium

A. Philip Randolph/George M. Pullman  Museum

Chicago Children's Museum

Illinois Lighthouses

Great Lakes Lighthouses


National Carousel Association

Tiffany Studios

Smith Museum of Stained Glass Windows


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