Chicago Architecture/Transportation

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October 9th, 2006

Architecture and Transportation Chicago, Illinois


Scott have to travel to Chicago for a business trip and so I traveled behind him on Friday evening, so we could have Saturday together.  We left Saturday evening, so in effect I was there for less than 24 hours.  Expensive for one day, but I had to see the King Tut Exhibit so we went. As a side benefit, we went to the Sears Tower but did not go up in it (I had a nervous feeling).  We walked around the area for a little while and took photos of some of the architecture and modes transportation. 


Above left to right: 1) Chicago Board of Trade 2) Chicago Public Library 3) Chicago Stock Exchange 4)  Chicago Sun Times 5) Continental Illinois Bank (Fed Reserve)


Left to right: 1) Chicago Tribune  2)  Fourth Presbyterian Church 3) Marina City Towers 4) Old Pumping Station  5) Unknown Building 


Above Left to Right: 1) Sears Tower 2) The El 3) Double Decker Bus 4) Trolley 5) An Obelisk



Above Left to Right: 1) Wrigley Building 2) Unknown (if you know, please email me) 3) Soldier Field


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Chicago Board of Trade

Chicago Public Library

Chicago Stock Exchange

Chicago Sun Times

Chicago Tribune

Continental Illinois Bank

Marina City Towers

Old Pumping Station

Fourth Presbyterian Church

Sears Tower

Soldier Field

Wrigley Building

Chicago "L"

Chicago Trolley and Double Decker

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