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June 28th, 2010

Universal City Walk, Orlando, FL

We went the Universal City Walk the first day of our trip. It's free. We got there about noon and then went to our rooms after checking in and then walked to the Universal City Walk for Lunch. We took the hotel shuttle boat there. We ended up eating at the "Hard Rock Cafe". Other restaurants lines the walk, which we found out was a small amount of shopping stores/gift shops (maybe a half dozen at most), a few "stands" which sold things like sunglasses, Lemonade, or other trinkets and a bunch of restaurants/nightclubs like Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville, NBA City, Emerils, Buba Shrimp Co., Bob Marley's, NASCAR Sports Grille, Pat O'Brien's, Pastamore and the Latin Quarter. This is the majority of the City Walk. Pretty much it's a night spot where people in Orlando and from the parks can go to, to eat and party. So we went in most of the shops and had a drink, and looked at the one ride (a carousel) and then continued back to the hotel, took some photos, unpacked, sat by the pool, went into the gift shops and walked around the grounds. We ate at the Hotel for dinner and then went to the room to rest up for the next day when we would go to Islands of Adventure. City Walk is free to the general public although the parks and hotels are not. So it's a pretty busy area at night and especially the weekends. Here are some photos of Citywalk

Left to Right: 1) Our hotel boat that takes us to this spot daily which is on the City Walk. From there, you go to the two theme parks by foot.  2) Water view from the City Walk to the Islands of Adventure park. 3) The Hard Rock Cafe 3) Photos/awards/records of Elvis from the Hard Rock Cafe


Left to Right: 1) Elvis's karate outfit 2) Freddie Mercury's jumpsuit 3) Paul McCarthy's suit 4) Joe Perry (Aerosmith) signed guitar


Left to Right: 1) Beatle's photos and John Lennon Drawing at the Hard Rock Cafe, 2) Mick Jagger's jacket 3) car coming out of the Hard Rock cafe 4) Elvis' pink Cadillac


Left to Right: 1) Stained Glass inside the Hard Rock Cafe 2) Citywalk view looking to Islands of Adventure 3) Citywalk view of the main drag 4) the one ride: Carousel


Left to Right: 1)  NBA City Restaurant and 2) Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville


Unless you drink or are with a group of friends, this isn't much. There is a movie theatre there though too.


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